Communications Coaching

Good communications in the business context is about developing an on-going, open dialogue with all stakeholders. Easily said. Any organisation requires a communications programme, but the people who deliver it require support too.  In today’s world, there is no delay between the time a message is said or sent and its receipt by a wide or even global audience.  It is easy to be ambushed. This is why it is crucial to build relationships with stakeholders and craft important messages in advance of any external communication.  Executives can then be coached to deliver those messages succinctly and to ensure that all channels convey the specific plan and strategic direction the company wishes to take.  Furthermore, in today’s world, senior managers are expected to have a view on subjects way beyond their immediate area of specialisation.  We coach executives on the crafting of statements as well as prepare and deliver the communications around high stakes situations - be that a crucial business meeting, a sales pitch or an interview with the press.  Our role is to ensure that you say what you mean to say to the right audience and with presence and gravitas.