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Sam Whipple

email: swhipple@smartresource.net

Sam is a change manager, executive coach and leadership trainer. A former BBC journalist, he has strong communication and presentation skills. He provides clients with simple ways to maximise their performance. He specialises in realising the benefits of introducing new technology, ways of working or organizational change. Trained as a member of the award-winning BBC Coaching Network, he provides executive coaching to help you increase your confidence, adapt your behaviour to the challenges you face, and improve your effectiveness. His leadership training uses emotional intelligence to help you get the best from your teams so your business can thrive in a rapidly changing world. He managed the launch of the Victoria Derbyshire programme, the BBC's pioneering "Digital First" programme ensuring it was on time and on budget despite tight deadlines. He produced the plan that established new ways of working to deliver the programme's social media ambitions.

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