Strategic Planning

Our approach to strategic planning is through the teams and individuals who are ultimately responsible for implementation. We believe successful strategies are developed by those who know the business best, and will be accountable for implementing decisions. We also recognise the importance of communication, in order that any new plan is known and understood by everyone in the organisation. We recommend that any plan is tested and updated as the competitive environment changes and the organisation grows. We believe spectacular results can be achieved when management devotes at least 10% of their time to this process of continuous evolution. But we recognise that strategy development by insiders is often postponed because of urgent operational demands and/or lack of strategy planning expertise. The smart resource approach is designed to fill that gap by actively supporting the continuous development and revision of strategy. We avoid the abdication of management control and loss of realism which often results when strategy is delegated to outside consultants. We achieve this by ensuring that the strategy is primarily developed by company insiders, facilitated by skilled, knowledgable, senior people.